Individual Giving

Kids in Art Class

The Honeywell Foundation works to bring joy and enrichment to all through the arts. To touch lives, to teach and inspire, to bring people together for one-of-a-kind arts and cultural experiences. But we can't do it without you. When you support the Foundation, you’re not just helping us provide world-class entertainment. You’re powering a deep-rooted, strategically savvy non-profit organization that makes a difference in lives and communities every day.

Your gift

Every donation, big and small, fuels our work. Together we build a flourishing community, region, and state.

Supporting the Honeywell Foundation is an investment in extraordinary impact.


We offer exciting benefits for gifts of different sizes. Of course, we believe the most valuable and priceless benefit to any giving level is simply knowing you're helping to enrich 280,000 lives each year.

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To learn more about individual giving, contact Sarah See at 

260.274.1431 or by email.

To purchase tickets, please call the Box Office at 260.563.1102.